The Lifting Pool Floor Company are one of the UK’s leading specialists in high quality lifting floors for domestic and high end commercial swimming pools.

Whatever your requirement, our superior lifting pool floor system can be tailored to your needs and we thrive off unique requirements.

With over 40 years of experience, each project is guaranteed a high level of technical/building expertise and service.

Our Raising Floors are designed and manufactured in the UK and can be installed across Europe.


The Lifting Pool Floor Company strive to meet all requirements and deadlines that have been agreed with our clients which is managed in-house by our Project Manager.

The Lifting Pool Floor Company Process


  1. The Lifting Pool Floor construction depth is approximately 450mm which includes the green mineral and porcelain tiles on the top of the honeycomb fibre glass mineral. The decking is approximately 10mm. Normally the water depth to the top of the Lifting Pool Floor is 1.500m as well as a freeboard of 150mm. Therefore, your pool structure will approximately be 2.150m.

  2. It is most important that the pool is square and upright. Please remember when constructing a pool with a The Lifting Pool Floor, the filtration will be slightly different to a standard pool as you cannot hoover the bottom of the pool. The Lifting Pool Floor Company would be glad to discuss this in more detail.

  3. When the pool construction takes place, The Lifting Pool Floor Company will require 2 x 75mm ducts with no acute bends going back to the Plant Room with pull ropes installed.

  4. The switch for the cover must be out of Zone 1 and in full view of The Lifting Pool Floor when the operator operates the pool. A cable duct must be provided 25mm with no acute bends to the switch position.

  5. The hydraulic pack is positioned in the Plant Room. Above the hydraulic, you will require a 13amp switch fuse with a Class C motorated fuse.

  6. The top of The Lifting Pool Floor is then finished with the Honey Combed Fibre Glass Mineral Decking. Once The Lifting Pool Floor has been constructed, your operatives can tile the mineral decking. The tiling should not be grouted leaving a gap of 4mm. The tiles we recommend are 600mm x 300mm porcelain tiles. There will be a gap around the edge of the Swimming Pool of 8mm. Once the pool is tiled, final adjustments by The Lifting Pool Floor Company will need to be made. Any minor adjustments may be made in the Honey Combed Fibre Glass Mineral Decking by your own staff.

  7. The pool will then be filled and commissioned.